Five Habits To Keep Fatigue At Bay

Five Habits To Keep Fatigue At Bay

Fatigue is a condition that affects many of our population.In these trying times, the percentage may even prove to be much higher. Fatigue can be an extremely aggravating symptom that can impact every aspect of our daily living. 5 Habits to keep fatigue at bay

How to keep fatigue at bay

Monitor your blood pressuredmbmdfbmldmblmdlfbmldmfblldfmblmdbldbb

Even though your blood pressure was acceptable when you visited your health care provider, blood pressure can fluctuate sharply in some individuals. A sudden fall in blood pressure can occur in some individuals. Finding a blood pressure reading of 100-systolic/60-diastolic, or below, is in the low range and can be a possible cause of the individuals’ fatigue. If the readings are consistently in the low range, this can be the factor causing the fatigue.

Eat variety of fruits and vegetables

Nourishing foods should consist of a variety of fruits and vegetables. When choosing the fruits and vegetables, choose a variety of colors, the deeper the colors, the better the vitamin and antioxidant content will be so that the body will have more nutrients to absorb. Another important ingredient will be the grains and a variety of nuts for their nutrient and fiber content. Fiber is important for the cleansing of the colon and maintaining bowel regularity.

Sit on a comfortable chair

If you use a computer, especially for long periods of time, be sure that you are seated in a comfortable chair, allowing your feet to rest on the floor without putting too much stress on your thighs. Also, be sure that your eyes are looking straight at the monitor without tilting your head up to view the screen. It’s important especially for those who wear bifocals.


Exercise will be an important factor to strengthen your body physically and mentally. It will also strengthen your immune system so that you will be able to withstand all the influences that can weaken your health in many ways. It is important that you have a regular exercise routine and program. The more active, the better, and that includes walking whenever possible. Engaging in some form of sports, such as bicycling, swimming, golfing, bowling, etc., will prevent you from becoming a couch potato.

Clear your mind

Try to clear your mind of any of tjjsjvbvjsbdjvjsbdvjsdjvsjbvjsbvjsbdjvbsjdvjsdbvjsdvhe day’s events, especially those that may have been upsetting to you, whether at work or home. Do not watch television that may be of a violent content and cause you to be angry. Watching the news these days can do just that. It would help you more to listen to music that you find enjoyable, before going to bed. Your sleep environment is critical.…